a Probiotic Solution for Every Living Things

Product Features

All our products are produce with pure living microorganism or microbes
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Water Based

Protect body from unnecessary exposure to dangerous chemical

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100% natural

Made from natural plant extracts and use raw (unrefined) ingredient

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Chemical Free

Do not contribute to toxicity level in human body and save for all living things

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Eco Friendly

Recycled item for packaging

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About imBiotik

imBiotik | a Probiotic Solution for Every Living Things
"Respect Nature,
Save Environment"

◎ imBiotik is a brand of product range that offers natural and Eco Friendly Sustainable solution covering from fertilizers, multipurpose cleaning solution and animal wellbeing are available for homebased to commercial use.
◎ imBiotik started the R&D with own investment from 2016 with close supervision of our Japanese partners
◎ imBiotik has tested in few plot testing site covering Paddy cultivation , Palm oil plantations, Rubber Plantations, Animal Husbandary farming and homebased plants and pets.
◎ imBiotik started going commercialized in early 2016 imBiotik received a very positive feedback from the plot testing, and now
◎ imBiotik received an overwhelming demand from the farmers, small and estate plantation.

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