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Organic products are grown under a system of agriculture without the use of chemical fertilizers and pesticides with an environmentally and socially responsible approach. Organic products begin as crops grown without toxic and persistent pesticides which end up in soil and water. Animals that produce meat, poultry, eggs, and dairy products do not take antibiotics or growth hormones.

Is organic product is better for us?

Organic product such as organic food is may have higher nutritional value than conventional food, according to some research. The reason in the absence of pesticides and fertilizers, plants boost their production of the phytochemicals (vitamins and antioxidants) that strengthen their resistance to bugs and weeds. Some studies have linked pesticides in our food to everything from headaches to cancer to birth defects but many experts maintain that the levels in conventional food are safe for most healthy adults. Even low level pesticide exposure, however can be significantly more toxic for fetuses and children (due to their less developed immune systems) and for pregnant women (it puts added strain on their already taxed organs), according to a report by the National Academy of Sciences.

Pesticide contamination isn’t as much of a concern in meats and dairy products (animals may consume some pesticides, depending on their diet), but many scientists are concerned about the antibiotics being given to most farm animals. Many are the same antibiotics humans rely on, and overuse of these drugs has already enabled bacteria to develop resistance to them, rendering them less effective in fighting infection, says Chuck Benbrook, Ph.D., chief scientist at the Organic Center, a nonprofit research organization.

Importance reason to buy organic product

Perhaps we don’t care that growth hormone is getting into the food chain due to contamination from dairy cows or super-viruses are developing due to the excessive use of antibiotics or insect mutations may result from the excessive use of pesticides. Even if we don’t care about any of these things, there are still compelling reasons to choose organic produce.

For example, organic food has been proven to contain higher levels of nutrients than non-organic food. For example, nitrate levels in organic food are on average 15% lower than non-organic food. Organic vegetables have been shown to have 15-50% more secondary nutrients than their non-organic cousins. This means that they contain anywhere from 15- 50% more antioxidants. So eating organic produce is just one facet of a healthy diet and lifestyle.



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