Gross House Cleaning Facts: Your Furniture

So far, we’ve grossed you out with gross house cleaning facts about the bathroom and the bedroom – two rooms that get pretty dirty and need a lot of attention if you want to keep them clean. We learned that your bed holds an average of 1.5 million dust mites and that if you don’t close the toilet lid before you flush, tiny fecal particles are launched everywhere in your bathroom. Pretty disgusting. But just in case you were not grossed out enough already, we’re back today we’re more gross facts.

Today we’re talking gross house cleaning facts when it comes to furniture

You guessed it. Your couch is pretty is gross.

Your bed is gross because you sleep in it every night, sweat, wear the same pajamas night after night, and don’t wash the sheets as much as you should. But at least, you (and possibly your significant other) are the ones doing the damage. And at least you don’t go to bed in your street clothes, so it’s likely that what you wear to bed has never been outside of the house.

When it comes to your couch, things are a little bit different. The house cleaning facts are a bit grosser. Why? Because you have friends and family gather on your couch, all in street clothes that have been worn outside of the house. You’ve sat at restaurants in those clothes and maybe went to the gym in those clothes. The point is that what you put on your couch has been exposed to germs and bacteria. As clean as you keep your house, your couch probably holds a lot of dust and grime.

Your couch might even be making you sick – since you likely don’t wash your couch cushions very often, it’s probably full of germs.

So, what can you do? First, check out which type of sofa you have – do the cushions have a zipper? If so, you’ll be able to remove the cushion covers and wash them. You should be doing this about four times a year if possible – add it to your house cleaning schedule so you don’t forget. If your cushion covers cannot be removed, find a spray that is safe to use on your couch and that will help kill the bacteria. Be sure to look for something that doesn’t have harsh chemicals – you spend a lot of time on the sofa! Otherwise, be sure to use the attachment on your vacuum cleaner (or a handheld vacuum) to clean up the couch every few weeks.

House Cleaning Facts

Dust and grime settle on your furniture.

It’s pretty much impossible to prevent dust and grime flying all around your home – even when you clean regularly, it happens. Air vents, open windows, and even dusting are all reasons why dust and grime move around so much. Unfortunately, it settles on your furniture and needs to be removed regularly.

Dust is actually hard to see, especially on light-colored furniture. You might not even notice it if the light doesn’t shine directly on it. For this reason, it’s possible that you don’t dust very often.

Well, unfortunately, that dust that settles isn’t healthy to have in your home – it causes allergies and could even make you sick since you’re not getting rid of germs.

We suggest using warm water and a soft cloth and dust your furniture every week when you do your house cleaning. You might need to use specific furniture cleaner (for wood, glass, etc.) if things aren’t coming clean or if you want to get rid of germs.

House Cleaning Facts

Kitchen and dining room tables are the ultimate dust holders.

Believe it or not, people often forget to add their kitchen and dining room tables to the house cleaning list. Maybe they’re not used a lot, maybe you don’t see spilled foods, or maybe you just forget to clean table tops. Whatever it is, these surfaces need to be cleaned. Just like living room furniture, they are dust collectors that hold grime, allergens, and bacteria. What’s worse is that these surfaces are used to eat on – add crumbs into the mix and you’re looking at the possibility of dust mites, flies, and possibly mice.

It’s popular to leave your kitchen or dining room table set nowadays. It’s a nice feature that adds design to your space. However, the worst thing about this is how dusty your plates, napkins, and glasses get. Be sure to thoroughly clean not only your table but everything on it, before you and your guests eat on it. Run everything through the dishwasher (if you have one) before use.

As far as upkeep, be sure to wipe down your tables at least once a week if they aren’t being used. It might seem silly, but as we spoke about before, there are numerous things that cause dust to fly all throughout your home – you’re only adding to the mix when you have dust all over your tables. If you use your table every day, be sure to wipe them down after each use. And try to keep things that hold bacteria off of the surfaces you eat on – for instance, the mail, your bag from work, packages, etc. are all bacteria holders.

When you stop to think about it, it’s quite shocking just how much dirt, grime, and bacteria can be found around your home. The tricky part is that your home can look clean, but is actually holding a lot of outside bacteria. Other places to remember to house clean often are inside kitchen cabinets, window sills, doorknobs, light switches, and anything else that you think the dust has a chance to settle on or is touched often. Do your best to live in a space that brings your comfort and joy, not sickness.

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