About Us

“Good Farmers look after the trees, Great Farmers look after soil, Excellent Farmer look after environment”


◎ Delima E commerce Sdn bhd, a retail chain stores setup consultant and manage specialise having IT tools and methodology ready to implement for new & existing retailer owners establish since year 2012.                                                         

 It was a coincidence that we met our Japanese partner whom is an avid environmentalist wanting to bring back green to the earth in year 2016 where R&D in Malaysia went extensively.                                                                                                                                 

 We strive to support local economy, providing humane treatment of plants and animals and demonstrating environmental stewardship. 

◎ Development of sustainable food value chain by facillitate the movement of food from seed to plate.                                                   

 We are committed to stratergic collaboration and dedication to authenticity, transparency, along with interest in developing business strategies and solutions that yield tangible benefits.

Addressing the challenge of sustainable food value chain, from seed to plate

  • Sustainability – Foods security and environment
  • Commitment – Towards well-being of living things

  • Support local economy, providing humane treatment of plants and animals
  • Demonstrating environmental stewardship
  • Excellent cost effective way to improve trees production yield using solutions provided by mother nature

imBiotik product are all made with pure powerful live microorganism which will provide good health benefits for every living things on earth. 

Microorganism or microbes live almost everywhere on earth where there is liquid water. There are critical to nutrient recycling in ecosystems as they act as decomposers, while other living in nodules on the roots of plants convert nitrogen from the air to a usable form by plants.  

Microorganism multiply rapidly under good growth conditions often contributing benefits to the larger plant or animal host organism and existing in health dynamic balance with other microorganisms and the host organism.

What is ImBiotik?

All our product are produce with pure living microorganism or microbes under full supervision of our Japanese partner.